For generations,
Cape Cod summer
has meant vacation rentals

Now, some want to take that away.
We need to Protect the Cape Way.


Vacation rentals are
vital to our economy

Tourism and rental properties have been a part of Cape Cod for decades. Cape residents have long embraced tourism as a critical driver of the local economy.

Vacation rentals are vital to our economy and have been a way of life in every town on Cape Cod. However, changes in the industry - including the need to address safe rental protocols during the pandemic - do necessitate addressing some issues caused by these vacation rentals.


We need to hold accountable those who do not follow the rules and disrupt our neighborhoods. But, also push back against against those who seek to disrupt our traditions and say vacation rentals are not welcome.

Get Involved. Take Action.

To Protect the Cape Way.

Vacation rentals are under attack on Cape Cod.
The very traditions that built the Cape could disappear along with the jobs, funding for clean waters, and our economy.

Live in the Town of Barnstable?

The Town of Barnstable is considering clarifying their zoning bylaw to ensure that vacation rentals will continue to be allowed in every village in town.

Get Involved in Your Town

Many towns on the Cape could soon be considering action to regulate or eliminate vacation rentals. Sign up to be notified if your town takes up action.

Vacation rentals are a way of life.
They provide jobs, drive our economy, and improve our way of life.

The fact is most homeowners do not rent their homes out to make a profit. It's expensive to own a home on Cape Cod and many homeowners rent out their house to simply pay the taxes, the insurance, or the mortgage.

Rentals Help
Homeowners Own, Not Profit

Vacation Rental Owners
Care About Cape Cod

Most homeowners that rent have an attachment to Cape Cod. They own a home that has been in their families for generations or they plan to retire here and are renting out that future retirement home. They care about Cape Cod.

Vacation Rentals drive the rest of our economy - retail, restaurants, attractions, services. They are a jobs engine. Making sure we are a welcoming community to what has always been allowed is vital to our economy.

Vacation Rentals
Drive Our Economy

There are solutions that won't hurt the economy.

Let's work together to get this done.

Working Towards
a Balanced Solution

There are solutions to protect what has always been allowed - responsible vacation rentals - yet, stop the out of control party houses by creating consistent and fair enforcement to protect neighbors and those who operate vacation rentals.
Support commonsense regulations that lay the framework for holding those who break the rules accountable, not by punishing those who do it responsibly.

Restrictive zoning that inhibits attainable housing is the leading cause of unaffordable housing, not vacation rentals. However, we should not turn a blind eye to the issue. There is a solution to solve housing affordability without banning vacation rentals.

Housing Affordability